Services Guide

PLEASE NOTE: All prices are subject to the length and condition of coat
Warm Hydrobath(starting from)$20$25$30$35
Towel Dry
Warm Hydrobath(starting from)$30$40$50$60
Blow dry | Brush out | Nails
De-Shedding - Long Coat(starting from)$70$80$90$110
Warm Bath | Blow Dry | Brush Out | Light Scissor Trimming | Hygiene Clip | Paw Pads | Nails
De-Shedding - Short Coat(starting from)$50$60$70$80
Warm Bath | Blow dry | Brush out | Nails
Tidy Groom(starting from)$50$60$70$80
Warm Bath | Blow dry | Face | Feet | Hygiene | Nails
Full Clip(starting from)$70$80$90$100
Warm Bath | Blow dry | Length off Coat | Face | Feet | Hygiene | Nails
Medicated Baths $5 extra
Does your pooch need a little extra pampering today?
Nail File$15
Ear Clean$10
Ear Plucking$15
Ear Clean and Pluck$20
Anal Glands$15
The works package$35
Nails | Ear Clean | Ear Pluck | Anal Gland
Trim Eyes$10
Trim Beard/Face(from)$10
Feet Trimming(from)$10
Over and Under Paws
Matting Fee(starts from per section)$15
Depending on severity of matting/knots
Pet Colouring(starts from per section)$20
Depending on how much product is used